FX Networks commissioned original documentary pieces exploring the real FARGO and the Minnesota Nice mentality that inspired the iconic series.



Welcome to Fargo

An observational visit across Minnesota - North Dakota state lines to celebrate the unique American communities that band together, care for one another, and provide the warmest hospitality in the coldest climates.

Minnekota Nice

A closer look at the Minnesota Nice identity and how the core values of this personable phenomenon has shaped a community.

Fargo 5-0

A ride along with the real life Fargo Police Department.

The Enchanted Highway

A tour of Gary Greff's 32 mile art installation in Western North Dakota with his insight and philosophy on combatting the extinction of small town America.


Directed and Produced by Anna Rau + Corbett Jones

Edited by Joe Peeler

Assistant Editorial by Brian Palmer

Original Soundtrack by Aaron Stein-Chester

Color Correction by Matt Conrad