Well, hey there. 2016 has been one big blur to all of us over here at The Range, which is neither here nor there on this fine, rainy day here in Austin, TX - however it has given us a case of the Mondays.

In case you are suffering too, enjoy this gem of a playlist we discovered in our inbox from our friend and music sommelier Richie Wohlfeil at Lo and Behold Records in Hamtramck. Should you not have caught his previous AM/FM (Music for Lost Films) we highly recommend you hop over there to round out your day...

Some background from Richie on the inspiration for THE GARY GRIMSHAW MEMORIAL

For the last few months I've been developing a poster series called The Gary Grimshaw Memorial Series. Gary Grimshaw was a Detroit based visual artist most know for his psychedelic concert posters for the Grande Ballroom (essentially the Detroit equivalent to the Fillmore West) from 1966 to 1972. Gary's work is highly sought after and rare, usually fetching a few thousand for an original print.  I've been working closely with Gary's wife and his archive to pick up where he left off in restoring his works to make them available to a wider audience. And when The Range asked me for another mix, I thought it would be fun to make one featuring a handful of songs that give me the same sensation of sentiment as Gary's work does. And it can double as something to listen to while I'm working on his pieces. Something to inspire the third eye, peace and power, psychedelic meditation, psychic inspiration. Love to all of you. 

Slip Inside This House — Thirteenth Floor Elevators 

White Bird — It's a Beautiful Day 

Grass — The Pretty Things

Flying on the Ground is Wrong — Buffalo Springfield

Today — Jefferson Airplane

Comin' Back to Me — Jefferson Airplane

Black Sheep — SRC

A Change on the Way — Terry Knight and the Pack

Gather Round — Love

Dust — Thirteenth Floor Elevators


Love to you too, Richie.