As of Late | Spiritualized

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It's been a wild ride around here lately.  The latest success dropped this week with Spiritualized's newest music video - celebrating his return with an album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, after a three year hiatus. We spent two weeks in Atlanta prepping and shooting this little monster, and my, oh my, I couldn't be more proud of how it turned out.  The song itself is an epic, a reminiscent sound of something iconically British like the Kinks but innovative and forceful with its own twist and voice.  AG rose to the occasion to write and direct a film complimentary of a piece so intrepid and fearless.

James Ross (also known as Tyra Sanchez) completely took our breath away - it seems he's had a similar effect on thousands now.

The story narrates the life of a single-mother, transvestite sex worker, and isn't at all afraid to show the nitty-gritty.  While the film is aggressive, violent, and graphic - it is also exquisitely humanizing, beautiful, and triumphant. Through the juxtaposition AG creates you witness true endurance of human spirit.


Directed by AG Rojas

Commissioned by Juliette Larthe

Executive Producers | CAVIAR : Michael Sagol + Jasper Thomlinson

Executive Producer | Somesuch&Co : Tim Nash

Produced by Anna Rau

Cinematography by Michael Ragen

Production Managed by Corbett Jones

Edited by Michael Carter