When we first moved to Los Angeles we were lucky to know a few select people from our college days to forge a brand new bustling metropolis with. We were also quite lucky that said bustling metropolis had a wealth of lovely new folks we were destined to meet, admire, and work with. Enter Joe Peeler. We found Joe via a mutual friend as one third of the McCadden Street collective that we met, admired, and now (thankfully) have worked with on several occasions. Beyond his fantastic editing skills (the short film he edited for Lucy Walker, The Lions Mouth Opens, was just revealed as one of eight contenders for the 2015 Oscars) he is a tremendous director with an ineffable talent for understanding human nature and human humor.

Joe shared GOOSES with us earlier this year as it underwent the final finishing. We’re thrilled it’s finally being let loose into the wide, wild world.

Lucinella travels from Dayton, Ohio to Los Angeles to visit her sister Lore. What begins as a lavish Los Angeles fever dream becomes a subtle portrait of sisterly differences intensified by the Internet era.

GOOSES is a special breed of youthful, female driven narrative in that it is more truly a coming of age story. While that sounds negative in the niche-driven world of entertainment and box office revenue, it is actually a compelling positive – Joe has created a female character that is so much more than a “female character”.

Lucinella has hopes, dreams, and depth akin to every young person trying to understand one’s sense of self in context with the rest the world. As if “coming of age” was not already difficult enough, Lucinella gracefully navigates a discovery resonant only with today’s teens and twenty-somethings: how to reconcile one’s real life self with their own digital self.

The dreamer in Lucinella shines through. Her optimistic and thoughtfully whimsical perspective harkens on that infamous, nostalgic Lennon moment: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. With Lucinella, like those angsty high school days of self-discovery, it may not all be okay as it stands but you have faith that someday it will be.

What will happen next to Lucinella?  To Lore? Not sure yet. But we do hear that there is more to the story and more to be had.

See you in Gem City, my friend.