Spiritualized | I Am What I Am


Never thought this gem would see the light of day, but I'm proud to share with you our video for Spiritualized's "I Am What I Am" directed by AG Rojas and starring Rory Culkin. 

This is the same video we (literally) rang in the new year prepping, and then convinced our amazing crew to join us in Taft, CA for later in January.  The day was crazy: across the street from our motel there was a school shooting, the victim was a close friend of some of our local talent, thankfully everyone ended up okay in the end.

There was a massive hail (read: hail) storm that descended upon our set just as we were gearing up for our stunt, and then, due to the same storm, I-5 closed - forcing our crew to drive the long way home.

However, and I dare say the rest of the team would agree, it was all so very worth it.  The bad weather lent us gorgeous cloudscapes, a brilliant sunset, and a free wet down.

After wrap we did a local bar crawl and enjoyed the Taft nightlife before dropping dead. Never have been more tired in my entire life.

Big thanks again to the family of crew we've become so privileged to work with.  You all knocked it out of the park.

(thanks to Corbett for the rest of these snapshots)