Pulling up a bit of a #tbt since we just can't quite come to terms that Cinco de Mayo was celebrated last weekend and we have a whole year before the next go around. Right before Christmas our friend Stephen Pagano over at the Directors Bureau reached out to us about a small documentary he was directing for KCET's Artbound series.  We hopped on board to offer some production help and had too much fun spending the weekend with Metralleta de Oro.

Metralleta de Oro is a DJ trio that spins the best Cumbia you've ever heard.  Cumbia is just the beginning though, they collectively have such thoughtful sets that combine so many different influences its hard to say if you've ever heard anything like it.  The sound is uplifting, contagious, and should be prescribed for anyone caught in the doldrums.

If you missed FUEGO, SUMO, and FONDO during their Cinco de Mayo celebration at Amoeba you can check them out next Friday (and every 3rd Friday after) at The Office Night Club.  In the meantime, check out the beautiful piece Stephen put together for KCET :

Big, big thank you to Stephen and The Directors Bureau for inviting us to this party.

For more of Stephen's work, check out his Vimeo.

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Cover photo by Javier Cabral (@theglutster)