In love with Paul McCartney’s “Early Days” – and the music video directed by Vincent Haycock that we had the pleasure of producing -

The LA performance shoot was the single most surreal day ever spent on set.  A wonderful group of blues musicians from the Los Angeles area - with very special guest Lil’ Poochie straight from Natchez, Mississippi - joined Paul and Johnny for an old school, Delta Blues jam session.

We all thought we’d died and gone straight to heaven.

Early the next morning it was back to Natchez to wrap up the narrative portion.

We spent the first day with the core players grabbing quick pick up shots.  Corbett found himself on the receiving end of some mud as we wrapped up the first day.

Carmela, who brilliantly held down the fort in Natchez during our quick trip back to LA for the performance shoot, had the cast organized for the days ahead.  Never one to disappoint – the faces and personalities Carmela discovered during our short time in Natchez were absolutely perfect.  The kids were extraordinary with the most beautiful and polite demeanor.

Our Director of Photography Evan generously donated his camera package and lenses to the shoot, allowing us to have the now rare joy of shooting beautiful black and white 35mm film.  There’s something about working on film that makes this profession feel just a little extra wonderful.

Natasha brought industrial sized duffels filled to the brim with genuine vintage from studio costume houses.  The silhouettes, patterns, and textures evoke immediate nostalgia. Natasha never misses a beat and she had each actor styled down to the details - socks and pocket squares included.

She was also a wonderful sport and worked out of a church bus (affectionately christened ‘the wardrobe wagon’) throughout the weekend in order to be close by with all of her gear.  Adventures in the Southern wild…

Our production designer, Jay, created an entire world in each of the locations we found.  It was truly amazing how he transformed each of the spaces with resources pulled up from New Orleans and the most beautiful vintage cars you have ever seen.  Big thank you to the local teams that made sure the precious cargo made it to us.

We really went out with a bang and wrapped up the weekend with a fireworks show.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in LA and to those who joined us in Mississippi.  Huge thanks to the teams at MPL and Park for having us on this one, and big big thanks to Paul McKee for heading to Mississippi with us.

A shoot we will never forget.


Enormous thank you to Mike Valentine for snapping the above shots on location.

For more of his work: www.mackayvalentine.com