Big hello from Texas, y'all. A couple weeks ago we packed up the car and headed out for a documentary project and some hot summer vibes.  We managed to celebrate a birthday in Phoenix, battle a rattlesnake in White Sands, and catch our breath in Marfa along the way.

We travel around so much that the concept of home has become seemingly relative from one week to the next.  As natural ramblers we tend to sort out where we plan to be next month on the fly and leave it as an ever evolving question.  However, as everyone knows, there's nothing like a good old fashioned road trip speeding a hundred miles per hour under the vast expanse of western sky to make you wax poetic on where and how you'd love your home to be. Kind of like how you inevitably wish for sweater season in July.

So, it seemed prime time to test the local waters and wander harder than ever.

Los Angeles : don't worry, we're keeping / revamping the homestead and can't wait to catch a game of badminton soon.

Austin, TX : get at us, we're here to shoot the lights out.

PS. New York, we'll see you soon - but thats an entirely different topic all together.